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Goalie combines features from reminder tracking, habit tracking, and goal tracking apps and puts them all in one place. Goalie will remind and track your progress on your way to develop those habits you've always wanted.

Repeatable Reminders 

Goalie's built-in reminders uses the device's notifications center so you'll never forget a thing. Set unlimited reminders easily for any day of the week with the quick add or custom time menus. Unlimited reminders is free, so you don't have to pick and choose which goals to track. Tracking goals, developing good habits, breaking bad habits, and being reminded to do something has never been so fast!

Track your progress

With a simple left or right swipe, you can track your goal's progress for the day. Goalie shows a 7 day trend for all your goals in one place making it easy to review how you're doing. A goal tracker is a great way to reverse bad habits. In the Goal details, you can see a more detailed graph, and even your best or current streak.



Easily change the colors of each of your goals. With Goalie's color menu choosing a color has never been easier. Different colors provide an easy way to organize goals that are similar, or provide a more personal feel. 

Weekly Trends​

It should be easy to see your progress on your goals without having to painfully tap on each one to see progress. Goalie includes a unique goal tracker functionality that shows the past 7 days of each goal in a single list. You'll be motivated to keep working towards your goals, develop good habits, or break bad habits because the trend is so easily accessible.

What others are saying

"Goalie helped me climb mountains! I've never been so productive in my life."

                                                - Jack

"After Jack got Goalie, he has never missed fetching a pail of water. I love how I can see all my goals on one screen. It motivates me to keep going."

                                                 - Jill

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